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"A démonokat dobolással elűzni igyekvő bennszülötteket lenézik a civilizált amerikaiak, akik dudálással akarják feloszlatni a közlekedési dugókat." (Mary Allen Kelly)

About us

Our firm looks back at twenty year pasts on the space of the international transport and transport organization.A piece started his function, 2 as an individual undertaking with 3,5 ton motor vehicles in 1993. A relatively constant customer circle, which was due for our elasticity and our reliable function, took shape inside short time. Gradual development eredményeképpen we formed a ltd. in 1999 and currently it 1,3t carrying capacity and the 24t we can fulfill all transportation claims between carrying capacity. Our firm's own depository centre got ready for 2006 where 1500 can perform modern storage tasks in 7 m of altitude on shelf systems on a square metre.

The company another 50 % Rapi Gábor has it at his disposal. The vocational leadership who manages big professional experience on the area of the international transport is concentrated in Rapi Gábor hand. The Ltd. works with 25 employees currently, from this 5 heads are active in the management and transport organization. The colleagues working in the transport organization speak a German and English language, more year professional experience is at their disposal. The row of their daywork more than they consist in a contact, its interest with a hundred undertakings, that the continuous utilisation of our motor vehicle pool with the co-ordination of the export-import transportation nearly 100 %-let there be os. Freight vehicle our leaders' selection the professional experience and the clean record, curriculum vitae written with a hand because of all candidates because of this plays an important role and we ask certificate of good conduct. We ask references of the previous workplaces based on the vocational curriculum vitae. The selection happens based on a multi-phase personal interview. We managed to attain it, that our colleagues constant, not we can work for your changer, in this manner more punctually, more reliably. Our office technique background: our undisturbed function 2 ISDNs stand for our provision telephone main line, which insures 4 lines,, our office employees a mobile phone is at all disposal, which possible one makes it apart from the working hours entire availability, and two unlimitted internet accesses assured. Our information technology system makes the application of the most modern digital technique possible.

The age of our motor vehicle pool is under 1, 5 years, is inside all under guarantee times in this manner, we can remedy an any kind of breakdown flexibly and quickly because of this. In the interest of the accurate and safe transport our motor vehicles a satellite follower is equipped with a system. This our motor pool makes it possible inside Hungary him delegating onto street street-number, in Europe though a street's watching happening on a level, a problem makes an immediate localisation possible on his case. This opportunity partner we can provide it to our firms with the insurance of an own code number. In this manner in as much it is claimed we can insure it you for him, that let our participant motor vehicles be allowed to be accompanied with attention continuously in their transportation tasks. The road of the cargo goes back documented onto more years with the help of the delegating system is, in this manner in case of an any kind of emerging problem retrievable the data. Our employees are at disposal of all of our motor vehicles with a mobile phone, in this manner any kind of event bekövetkeztekor we can establish a direct connection. We keep our motor vehicles in good repair in academic specialisation services and our own service. We document our transport pledges in more stair, in first stair at the time of the arrival of the commission it we fix it on a developed form onto this aim, gets to carrying up in a complex program of transportation following this then. This program provides an opportunity in that direction, that let the registration of the transport occur with a data fixing, after fulfilment the completion of the account, and accompanies the account fulfilments with attention. Our undertaking is necessary to the inland and international transport with permits takes action.

In the interest of the safe and elastic transportation:

  • CMR with an insurance (to 100. 000 USA $-, but the measure of the insurance to a transport task can be fixed),
  • CASCO with an insurance
  • Person and with a property insurance

Our firm aim pinned it up in front of himself in order for all of his partners to provide a safe service with a tall standard for him on the area of the transportation and storage.

Our team

Gábor Rapi


+36 30/ 969 2439

Zsolt Csanádi

Logistic manager

+36 30/ 268 3598

Judit Burján Rapiné

Head of finance

+36 /88 501-080

Adrienn Krózser

Head of Office

+36 30/ 247 8149

János Pekarek

Warehouse manager

+36 30/ 269 6966

Géza Csuti

IT manager

+36 30/ 256 5682



The Astor Konzorcium services are not restricted to international transport made with the own transport device merely.

The transportation plays a role emphasized in our undertaking's activity. We are at our employers' service on all of the areas of the transportation, road, overseas and in air traffic equally.

We try to adapt to the employers' unique claims flexibly with our services, offering customized, professional solutions for their shipping problems.

The partner forwarder the security of our distinguished cooperation developed with firms and reliable sub-contractors, that rational, we can provide a bugdet solution for our employers, and we can contribute to their efficiency.


Our depository with a headroom of 7.5 m with a floor-space of 1.500 square metres was built in the industrial zone of his lip with favorable traffic contacts in 2008. 1500 Euro palettes make the placement of the inbuilt rack system possible between safe circumstances duly.

Our partners' opportunity opens with the strain of our firm's depository or shipping services different re exports onto the transaction of transactions.

We undertake the execution of depository value raising services, a unit cargo training beyond the plain depository tasks.We undertake it in addition to this stocks detail, regular who- concerned storing, Just-In-Time type basis and packing substance delivering different producer for firms.

Our aim complex logistic services available one his item all of our clients for him!

Our depository with modern informatics background, FIFO (First In First Out) a principle stands for our respected employers' provision with him doing the dirty, liability insurance, keeping.


  • Re exports the transaction of transactions
  • It had increased services
  • Unit cargo training
  • JIT order-like delivering
  • Merchandise spreading inside the region

Boxes cleaning

Our company has a complex box washing system, where we able to cleaning boxes and cases effectively (even if there is stubborn contamination in them) which in use in automotive industry and electronics industry.

The output per hour is 5­600 boxes / machine but it depends on the sizes of the boxes, even 5­6000 boxes per day. Of course if you put in a claim for the increase of the capacity, we can get more machines to satisfy every demand.

The system cleans the boxes with a water­based, pre­heated, re­circulated solution with a 3D high pressure sprayer system. This solution is degreaser and disinfectant. Thanks for the high concentration it removes both the organic and inorganic contamination (e.g.: scale, caustic potash). Closed system technology with solution rotation.

During the washing you can choose from the cold water washing to the steam washing and antistatic effect washing. We can completely remove the bacteria with the high­temperature.

After the washing have a chance the boxes relabeling, and the accidentally injured boxes.

If you need wash we contract the movement between settlements even within Europe.

Measure (mm):

  • 400 x 300 x 300
  • 600 x 400 x 300
  • 400 x 300 x 140
  • 600 x 400 x 150
  • 800 x 400 x 200

We can accept other measure too.

Our partners



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